So in this pandemic I’ve been busy in the kitchen, looking for my daily recipe of joy. I’ve discovered many joy givers, one of my constants was damn good ice cream. A Classic. A no fail road to bliss and a hug from your imaginary best friend.

I randomly ordered a couple of tubs from ice cream new comer “Papacream” and fell immediately in love. Created by fiesty Kolkata raised Wall Street I-banker turned ice cream empress Tanvi, the brand blended everything I loved. Quality, luxury, nostalgia, fun and comfort. It made me happy. The ice cream was damn near perfect.

We started chatting and “Rhea X Papacream” was born. An-in-tub sundae experience. Made in small batches with the most premium ingredients, this collection is my dream ice cream concoctions delivered in tubs, ready to eat. They make me smile, drool, float and a little sad when they are over. Sweet, crunchy, sometimes salty and a little cheeky, I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Ice cream hug!

Rhea X


The After School Sundae is a classic creation to take you back in time to your favourite dessert that you longed for after school -
Rich and creamy vanilla ice cream with a thick hot chocolate swirl and an almond toffee brittle for the crunch element.


Brown Butter Biscuit, takes you back in time to when you sat with your family and enjoyed chai and Biskut. A classic, no-fail road to bliss.
The ice cream tastes of biscuit and butter with a thick swirl of caramel and biscuit and chunks of chocolate coated ‘biskut’.


The Chocolate Influencer is a 360 degree chocolate experience when you just want chocolate and nothing else.
It’s a rich chocolate ice cream with chocolate coated malted cereal clusters and choco chips.


The hazelnut cold coffee takes you back in time to the perfect barista date, when love was in the air and the sugar didn’t matter. It’s our comfort, hazelnut cold coffee ice cream with chunks of toasted hazelnuts.
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