All our ice creams are frozen instantly before you, using liquid nitrogen. The use of nitrogen makes our ice cream very smooth and creamy and devoid of ice crystals.

How the journey started:

Owner Tanvi Chowdhri, had learnt to use liquid nitrogen and its applications in her physics lab. Having a penchant for food since childhood, during her banking stint at New York, she explored the kitchens and restaurants of her favorite chefs. It was the inspiration from these explorations that led her to convert her learning into her passion. She returned to Mumbai and launched Papacream.


Our menu is created to you give you an entire ice cream meal experience. We have both sweet and savory ice creams on our menu. All our ice cream have a concept and a story to tell.

Our ice creams range from Belgian chocolate to paani puri sorbet to a doughnut ice cream sandwich.

The ice creams are 100% veg using the freshest of ingredients sourced from all parts of the world. We do not use any artificial flavors or essence.

We keep innovating and changing our menu based on the season.